Colt 1st Model Martially Marked Dragoon
Very Nice Colt 1st Model Martially Marked Dragoon Manufactured 1849, .44 Caliber, 6 Shot Revolver.


Colt 1st Model Martially Marked Dragoon serial number 6,XXX manufactured in 1849, .44 caliber, 6 shot, 7 ½” barrel with square back trigger guard. Top of barrel stamped “ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY”. There were only about 7,000 1st Model Dragoons manufactured between 1848 &1850. This is a Martial Dragoon from the 3rd contract and has US on left side of frame under Colts/ Patent along with numerous inspector marks on frame, hammer, trigger guard, cylinder & back strap. Metal retains approximately 15-20% original blue finish. The revolver is in good condition with a smooth grey patina mixed with original blue finish. Action is in excellent shape locking up tight as well as timing in cylinder rotation. Grips are in good condition and fit snug with only a few minor dings. Overall a Nice original Scarce Martially Marked 1st Model Dragoon that would make an exceptional addition to any collection.

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